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MoneyIQ 901:

Today’s educational curriculum is missing a vitally important component – the discussion about money.

Today’s educational curriculum is more cutting edge than ever before, yet most students lack a class that teaches lifelong money skills. Chella Diaz says it’s never too soon to learn how to create a spending plan, how to balance a checkbook and how to avoid the crippling debt that so many people find themselves in today.

Mastering basic money understanding and skills will equip today’s youth for independence and stability in managing expenses their parent’s didn’t contend with; cell phone bills, internet plans and car insurance.


3 – The Truth About Money

Length: 10 minutes

Do you know your three “buckets” of spending?… Here is where we are going to build the crucial foundation to set you up for success as you excel in this […]

4 – I Want To Be A Millionaire

Length: 5 minutes

Let’s jump into a really important topic that the wealthy use… Compound interest… You will begin to see your savings soar when you put this into practice…

5 – If I Was A Rich Person

Length: 8 minutes

What will you do when you’re rich? What is that legacy you want to leave behind? Well, you need to handle money as the wealthy does in order to get […]

7 – Budgets Are Boring

Length: 8 minutes

Budgets don't have to be boring…Let me show you how they can actually be liberating instead of limiting. This lesson is a deep dive into all of the benefits of […]

8 – Credit Card Roulette

Length: 6 minutes

Are you aware of the dangers of credit cards? Let’s talk about the consequences of using credit cards and why you should steer clear of a credit card catastrophe…

10 – Money Let’s Stay Together

Length: 5 minutes

If you are simply hoping to become rich, you will never get there. It takes a plan and a course of action to help you stay on track and achieve […]

13 – Conclusion

Length: 4 minutes

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the course. Let’s hit a final recap with lots of encouragement so that you are fully equipped to manage your money the proper way, live […]
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